Celebrating ELAW Host Families

Rosie Hammond and Magnus Persmark are hosting Olivier Ndoole (center) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Olivier is Executive Secretary at Alerte Congolaise pour l’Environnement et les Droits de l’Homme (Congolese Alert for the Environment and Human Rights; ACEDH). Olivier is working with ELAW staff to help defend communities and protect natural resources in DRC. He is also participating in winter term at the University of Oregon’s American English Institute.

In 2019, the ELAW Fellows Program welcomed 10 ELAW Fellows from Brazil, Czech Republic, Guinea, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine. Many thanks to ELAW host families here in Eugene who provided homes, field trips, and more for our international guests!

Rosie Hammond and Magnus Persmark are hosting current ELAW Fellow Olivier Ndoole, who arrived from Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo last week.

“We are impressed by Olivier’s work and pleased that we can provide a home while he works with ELAW and studies English,” says Rosie.

ELAW host families enjoy getting to know grassroots leaders from around the world over a meal, on a day trip to the coast or Cascades, and during homestays.

Here are more photos of 2019 ELAW Fellows and their host families:

Saa Pascal Tenguiano (left) from Guinea was hosted by Lauren Herbert (right) and Kenny Watkins. Pascal is Executive Director of Centre du Commerce International pour le Developpement (CECIDE).
Laura Haisleova (left) from the Czech Republic was hosted by Susie and Lenny Feuer. Laura is an attorney on the Responsible Energy team at ELAW’s partner organization, Frank Bold.

In 2020, we are making plans to host international partners for 10-day to 10-week ELAW Fellowships from Brazil, Croatia, Ecuador, Guinea, Hungary, Panama, Russia, and more.

If you live in Eugene and want to learn more about the ELAW Host Family Program, and how you might provide lodging or lead a field trip, please contact me by email.

Thank you!

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide