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South America Guyana
Access to Information
Oil & Gas Offshore oil & gas
South America Brazil
Climate Change United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Human Rights
Pacific Australia
Climate Change
Human Rights
Indigenous Peoples
Sub-Saharan Africa South Africa
Access to Justice
SLAPP Suits Slander/libel/defamation
Decision from the High Court of South Africa (Western Cape Division, Cape Town) asserting that "[c]orporations should not be allowed to weaponise our legal system against the ordinary citizen and activists in order to intimidate and silence them" and recognizing "the SLAPP suit defense."
Sub-Saharan Africa Uganda
Access to Information
The High Court of Uganda declared that petroleum production sharing agreements executed between the government of Uganda and numerous oil companies are public documents that are subject to disclosure under Article 41(1) of the Constitution of Uganda and the Access to Information Act.
South Asia India
Environmental Impact Assessment Public participation
Public Participation
The High Court of Delhi ordered the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change to provide an additional 60-day period for the public to comment on proposed changes to the environmental impact assessment law. The High Court also directed that the proposal must be translated into all official languages recognized in the Indian constitution to facilitate effective public participation.

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