Our Partners

ELAW brings together a global community of advocates in more than 80 countries who offer each other solidarity, mutual assistance, and inspiration.

ELAW provides legal, scientific, and organizational expertise to build public interest lawyers’ and their organizations’ capacity to defend communities and ecosystems.

ELAW provides support, connects community advocates to each other and other experts, and collaborates with them to share learning, catalyze strategies, and replicate victories to advance environmental justice worldwide.

Our partners are lawyers who often work to either advance environmental protection policies or use the law to hold governments and corporations accountable for environmental abuses.

Policy is an effective tool for helping communities challenge environmental abuses and chart a sustainable future.

Zuzana Caputova, Slovakia's president who was an ELAW Partner.

International Recognition of ELAW Partners

Grassroots attorney and 2016 Goldman Prize winner Zuzana Čaputová was elected President of Slovakia in 2019. Zuzana traveled to Eugene for ten weeks in 2017 for an ELAW Fellowship. She won a 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize for her work leading a campaign that shut down a toxic waste dump that was poisoning her community’s land, air, and water.

Profiles of Early Partners

Looking back over more than 30 years of collaboration, we have celebrated high-impact wins that have helped protect the climate, advance environmental justice, defend biodiversity, and elevate communities’ work to chart a sustainable future.  

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