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June 12, 2024
This month, ELAW partners at the Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) are celebrating a victory for 48 elephants that were illegally registered and used for commercial purposes.
May 21, 2024
Left to right sitting: Jeanette de Noack, ADA2; Dr. Rye Howard, ELAW; Amy Porter, US EPA; Lucia Xiloj, ADA2; Dr. Meche Lu, ELAW; Aura Padilla, ADA2; and Karina Montes, consultant, Peru. Left to right standing: Dr. Gilles Wendling, ELAW; Estuardo Noack, ADA2; and Oscar Villagran, ADA2. Guatemala has many laws aimed at protecting the environment […]
May 6, 2024
ELAW partner Zelda Soriano of Community Legal Help and Public Interest Centre recently sent exciting news of a victory in their efforts to protect the Philippines from the hasty commercial propagation of genetically modified rice and eggplant.
April 17, 2024
Last month, members of ELAW’s Marine Working Group joined scientists from around the world at the World Fisheries Congress (WFC) in Seattle, to share community voices on the real impacts of blue economy projects in the Global South.
April 12, 2024
In March, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a landmark ruling in the case of La Oroya v. Peru. The Court ruled that the State of Peru has violated numerous human rights of the inhabitants of La Oroya, including the rights to a healthy environment, health, personal integrity, a dignified life, access to information, and political participation.
March 28, 2024
Global greenhouse gas emissions in Africa are the lowest, per capita, of any region, yet in Uganda and across the region the climate crisis has turned the seasons around, with harsh droughts and unpredictable intense rains.
March 20, 2024
To prevent climate catastrophe, we need to move past burning fossil fuels. Reuters reports that United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told world leaders at COP28 that the burning of fossil fuels must be stopped outright and a reduction or abatement in their use would not be enough to stop global warming.
March 6, 2024
ELAW Annual Meeting participants enjoyed a stop at Heceta Head Lighthouse Beach during their February 27 field trip to the Oregon Coast. Other stops included the Yachats 804 Trail, Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, Thor’s Well, Devil’s Churn, and Strawberry Hill. Read more in Yachats News. PHOTO: Steve Repicky More than 100 ELAW partners from 40 […]