Wastewater Treatment in Eugene

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L to R: Matt Stouder, ELAW Legal Interns Claire Kiss and Gina Rosario, Intern Tom Allen, and Steve Barnhardt

Everyone needs clean water, so ELAW helps advocates around the world share lessons about protecting and restoring clean water.

Last week, ELAW summer interns and visiting Fellow Zuzana Caputova toured the Eugene-Springfield Water Pollution Control Facility, which treats wastewater from more than 200,000 residents in the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area.

Learning about lab testing for pollutants.

The facility cleans more than 30 millions gallons of wastewater every day!

"It was fascinating to experience a wastewater treatment process in the U.S. It is quite different and more high-tech than the ones in the Dominican Republic, where I come from," says Gina Rosario, ELAW Summer Legal Intern.

Many thanks to Matt Stouder, General Manager of the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC), and Steve Barnhardt, Operations Supervisor, for the informative tour!

Krista Shennum
Volunteer Coordinator

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