Goldman Prize Winner Zuzana Caputova is Newest ELAW Fellow

We are thrilled to welcome Goldman Prize winner Zuzana Caputova to Eugene, where she will participate in a 10-week ELAW Fellowship.

Zuzana is an attorney at Via Iuris, Slovakia’s leading grassroots environmental organization.

She won a 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize for leading a successful campaign to shut down a waste dump that was poisoning the land, air and water in her community.

During her Fellowship, Zuzana will work closely with ELAW Staff Attorneys and Staff Scientists to strengthen Slovakia’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law to ensure that it protects communities and the environment from ill-advised projects and encourages communities to participate in decision-making.

Zuzana will also improve her English skills by participating in the 10-week Intensive English Program at the University of Oregon American English Institute (AEI). Many thanks to AEI for providing Zuzana with a Director’s Distinction Scholarship.

Thanks to Erika and Fredi Leaf for providing the Fredi Leaf ELAW Fellows House, Peggy Dame for her dedication to the ELAW Fellows Program, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding for making Zuzana’s ELAW Fellowship possible.

For more information about the ELAW Fellows Program, please contact:

Maggie Keenan

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