Welcome ELAW Fellow Dr. Samira Idllalène!

Photo: Todd Cooper/Eugene Weekly

Moroccan legal scholar Dr. Samira Idllalène is here working with ELAW this fall. Samira is a law professor at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech and our first partner from Morocco.

She is an expert in marine environmental law and is currently working to link Islamic law, Moroccan civil law, and customary law to advance environmental protection in Morocco and Mediterranean countries.

“I would like to make a link between my knowledge of Islamic and Civil law and what I’m learning at the UO Law School.”

Samira visited ELAW U.S. earlier this year. She spoke with ELAW Staff Scientist Heidi Weiskel on a panel about Coastal Development and Protection during the 2016 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

She recently returned to Eugene as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar and ELAW Fellow. Samira is studying how elements of U.S. trusts and endowments can be blended with the Islamic Waqf concept to protect Morocco’s marine ecosystems.

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