Thank You ELAW Volunteers!

Volunteers, interns, and pro bono experts help ELAW provide the legal and scientific tools partners need.  We appreciate the people who contribute their time and expertise to support grassroots advocates working around the world to build a sustainable, just future.

Taylor Coronel, Summer 2016 Law Extern

Taylor Coronel
UO Law Class of 2018
I first learned about ELAW when Staff Attorney Jennifer Gleason gave a presentation to my Environmental Science class at the University of Oregon. I was immediately inspired by ELAW’s work and began volunteering.

The experience gave me a passion for environmental justice and was a big factor in my decision to apply to law school. Interning for ELAW as a law student has been incredibly rewarding. I have learned so much, and it has been a pleasure working with the dedicated and talented attorneys and staff.

Lauren Finkelstein, Summer 2016 Intern

Laurel Finkelstein
Middlebury College Class of 2018
I am a born and bred Eugenian, so I grew up knowing about ELAW and hearing about its victories. I decided to pursue an internship at ELAW to see what working in the world of environmental policy looks like in practice, and where I might fit into that world.

Being at ELAW has shown me that working in the environmental realm is not all about defeats, and that a small organization can use policy to make an important and lasting impact on environmental health around the world.

Dalton Fusco, Winter/Spring 2016 Volunteer

Dalton Fusco
UO Class of 2016
Getting to go through old files and celebrate ELAW’s 25 years of victories showed me how far of a reach one organization can have. This is truly a global community working towards a healthier planet.

ELAW volunteers and interns give thousands of hours every year to help communities speak out for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet. We thank the following for contributing their time this year:
Kenyon Acton, John Brown, Taylor Coronel, Ted Dubrawski, Lauren Finkelstein, Dalton Fusco, Alan Gray, Tyler Gray, Raina Kamrat, Camille Kaynor, Ashley Lyons, Sasha Marlan-Librett, Kaley McCarty, Jean Meyer-Fero, Sophia MonDragon, Hap Ponedel, Noshin Rahman, Che Ruth-Cheff, Olga Turner. For more information about volunteering with ELAW, please contact:

Krista Shennum
Volunteer Coordinator
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
(541) 687-8454 ext. 100

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