Human Rights and the Climate

ELAW Bulletin
Photo: Roy Lagarde, Greenpeace

The U.S. office of ELAW recently filed a submission to the Philippines Commission on Human Rights to help the Commission in its investigation of potential violations of Filipinos' human rights related to climate change.
In response to a petition filed by typhoon survivors and others - including Greenpeace Southeast Asia - the Commission opened an investigation into the human rights impacts of climate change and ocean acidification, and the role of 47 named fossil fuel and cement producers.
The U.S. office of ELAW filed a submission supporting the Commission's authority to investigate potential human rights violations suffered by Filipinos and grant relief to those Filipinos.
The submission states: "We commend the Commission for opening this important investigation into the potential human rights violations suffered by Filipinos who have been impacted by the changing climate and ocean acidification. We urge you to use your full powers of investigation and your broad discretion in granting relief."

We look forward to seeing how the Commission handles this important investigation.
For more information about the submission, contact:

Bern Johnson
Executive Director

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