Epic Gathering in Tanzania

A group photo taken during a field trip to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. 

Last week, ELAW and Tanzanian partner organizations LEAT and ALAPA co-hosted ELAW’s 2018 Annual International Meeting and the African Public Interest Environmental and Human Rights Law Conference.  
These gatherings brought together more than 100 grassroots advocates from 42 countries, including a strong group of ELAW partners from African nations: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Together, we worked to protect communities threatened by land grabs, extractive industries, climate change, and more.
The Goldman Environmental Prize brought Prize winners from across Africa to participate in the gatherings and connect with ELAW partners.
“It is tremendously exciting to see people come together from around the globe to build a greener future,” said Bern Johnson, ELAW Executive Director. “Thanks to our Tanzanian hosts for sharing their beautiful country. We left Tanzania inspired and heartened.”
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