Environmental Defenders Meet in Tanzania

More than 100 grassroots defenders from 42 countries are gathered in Arusha, Tanzania, this week to work together and build a greener future at the 2018 ELAW Annual International Meeting.
“It’s a thrill to meet strong advocates from all over the world, brought together by a shared commitment to protecting the planet,” says Bern Johnson, ELAW Executive Director.
Many thanks to ELAW partners at the Association for Law and Advocacy for Pastoralists and the Lawyers’ Environmental Action Team for co-hosting this historic gathering.

And thanks to the Goldman Environmental Prize for making it possible for many Goldman Prize winners to travel to Arusha and collaborate with the world’s leading grassroots defenders.
Following this year’s ELAW Annual International Meeting will be the African Public Interest and Human Rights Environmental Law Conference, May 26-27.
We will post a full report soon.
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