Energy Transition in Uganda

Global greenhouse gas emissions in Africa are the lowest, per capita, of any region, yet in Uganda and across the region the climate crisis has turned the seasons around, with harsh droughts and unpredictable intense rains.

“It is our responsibility to be a part of the solution,” says Frank Tumusiime, author of a new report: “Energy Transition in Uganda: Navigating Clean Energy, Sustainable Mining and Community Justice in the Face of Climate Crisis.”

Frank is Coordinator and Senior Research Fellow at Advocates for Natural Resources and Development (ANARDE). He was a 2023 ELAW Fellow and credits last year’s work with the ELAW Team and economic analyst Ernie Niemi with having helped him shape the publication.

“Clean energy is less expensive,” says Frank, who advocates for wind and solar, with sustainable development of Africa’s critical minerals sector to make a just energy transition. “Eight out of 10 people globally without electricity live in Africa, yet we are rich in the lithium, cobalt, graphite, and copper that are making climate-friendly electricity possible,” says Frank.

“Energy Transition in Uganda” includes a comprehensive road map for Uganda that links clean energy with economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social justice.

“Frank’s report has important implications, not just for Uganda, but for countries and communities across Africa,” says Ernie. “It brings together, from around the world, the best analytical insights that explain the importance of acting quickly to move away from burning fossil fuels, and it offers clear recommendations for making the transition in an efficient, equitable manner.” 

The Government of Uganda launched its energy transition policy in December, but it lacks an implementation plan, says Frank, whose organization seeks policy dialogues with the Government, private sector stakeholders, and civil society.

Africa has the most rapidly growing population, is the least electrified, contributes minimally to global carbon emissions, and confronts severe impacts of climate change.

Frank’s report urges Uganda to leverage its mineral-rich economy to fuel a global clean energy transition with a boom in employment in the solar sector while safeguarding citizens’ rights and supporting sustainable development.

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Maggie Keenan
Communications Director & Fellows Program Coordinator
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide