Combating Marine Plastic Pollution

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PHOTO: "Seven Reforms to Address Marine Plastic Pollution,"
University of Victoria, Environmental Law Centre

Plastic waste is a global menace, fouling waterways and poisoning wildlife. All over the world, people are looking for ways to turn the tide on plastics, and we're making progress.

We are pleased to share a strong victory from our neighbors in Canada: the Parliament of Canada recently voted unanimously to establish a national strategy to combat marine plastic pollution!

Congratulations to ELAW partner Calvin Sandborn and the University of Victoria's Environmental Law Centre (ELC) for helping win this tremendous victory. The resolution to combat marine plastic pollution was based on reports by the ELC, including suggested reforms to address marine plastic.

Calvin has shared this victory with lawyers around the globe through the  ELAW network, so they can replicate this inspiring victory.

Please enjoy the attached media accounts of this success in Canada:

B.C. MP celebrations 'tremendous' victory as plastics pollution motion passes House

Environmental ministers agree to cut garbage produced by half by 2040

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