Welcoming New Law and Science Team Members!

ELAW is growing our team and diversifying our areas of expertise to better support community advocates around the world in their work. We are pleased to welcome Anya, Genee, and Gilles! Their skills and experience will help protect communities from the impacts of extractive industries, including oil and gas development, coal mining, and plastic production and disposal. All of our new colleagues also bring language skills to expand our capacity to collaborate with lawyers in their own languages.

Anya Mintz, Law Associate

Anya supports the legal team in providing assistance to environmental and human rights advocates around the world. She holds a J.D. from Vanderbilt University, and has previously practiced environmental law as a clerk at the Environmental Protection Agency, and international humanitarian and human rights law with Global Rights Compliance and the Irish Centre for Human Rights respectively. See more…

Maria Generosa “Genee”
Mislang-Tomboc, Staff Attorney

Genee collaborates with lawyers around the world. She brings years of experience as a lawyer representing communities in the Philippines to her work with ELAW. Genee worked for nearly 20 years at Tanggol Kalikasan (Defense of Nature), providing legal services to fisherfolk, farmers, upland dwellers, urban poor, and Indigenous peoples. See more…

Dr. Gilles Wendling, Scientist on contract

Gilles grew up in France where he earned a degree in geotechnical engineering from Grenoble University. He received his Master’s (Geotechnics) and Ph.D. (Hydrogeology) from the Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, Canada. In 2005, he started his own firm, GW Solutions, specializing in watershed protection. See more…

Lori Maddox
Associate Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide