Welcome ELAW Fellows

ELAW Fellows at the Heceta Head Beach overlook. Ahmed Elseidi (left) and Fatima Diallo spent Saturday at the Oregon Coast. PHOTO: Maggie Keenan

Join us in welcoming our new ELAW Fellows!

Fatima Diallo and Ahmed Elseidi arrived last week, and Frank Tumusiime arrived yesterday. All three are grassroots attorneys, doing challenging work to protect communities and the climate from fossil fuels and other polluting operations.

Read more about Fatima, Ahmed, and Frank in the following.

Fatima Diallo
Dakar, Senegal

Fatima is Executive Director of Centre de Recherche et d’Action sur les Droits Economiques, Sociaux et Culturels (Center for Research and Action on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, CRADESC). ELAW has collaborated with Fatima since 2019. While in Eugene, Fatima is working with ELAW’s Law and Science Teams to better understand the social and economic costs of proposed oil exploitation in the Saloum Delta, a UN World Heritage Site. She is also advancing clean-up efforts and holding polluters accountable at a lead plant that is being dismantled thanks to a successful community campaign. Finally, she is working with ELAW’s Development Team to strengthen CRADESC, which she launched in 2019.

Ahmed Elseidi
Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed is the only public interest environmental lawyer in Egypt. He has worked with ELAW since 2020 to protect communities from polluting industries, advance a single-use plastic ban, and strengthen climate law. He has many cases pending in Egypt’s courts. While in Eugene, Ahmed is working with the ELAW Team on cases tied to coal, water pollution, plastic, and the climate. Ahmed and Fatima will also participate in the 10-week Intensive English Program at the University of Oregon American English Institute (AEI). You may read about Ahmed’s firm here.

Frank Tumusiime
Kampala, Uganda

Frank is Coordinator and Senior Research Fellow at Advocates for Natural Resources and Development (ANARDE). Frank is conducting research to help shape energy transition policies for Uganda and East Africa. While in Eugene, he will meet with ELAW’s Law and Science Teams, Economic Analyst Ernie Niemi, and energy consultant Mike McCann. Frank will also meet with ELAW’s Defending Defenders Team.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director & Fellows Program Coordinator
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide