Peru: Select magrove laws

8Ley N° 26839 .- Ley sobre la Conservación y el Aprovechamiento Sostenible de la Diversidad Biológica. (Conservation and Sustainable use of Biological Diversity Law) Art. 26, e) (Declares national interest and priority the scientific research for the conservation and sustainable management of wetlands).

 Ley N° 28611.- Ley General del Ambiente.  (General Environmental Law) Ecosistemas frágiles. Artículo 99 (Authorities must adopt measures for the special protection of fragile ecosystems like wetlands and the State recognizes their importance as habiitat for flora and fauna therefore its conservation must be prioritazie among other uses).

Ley Nº 25977.- Ley General de Pesca.  (General Fisheries Law) Art. 76 (Prohibits to damage or destroy mangroves).