Indonesia: Select mangrove laws

Joint Decision No. 082/Kpts -II/1984 Regulation on making available forest areas for the development of agricultural cultivations.  Article 3 Forests available for fish culture/ponds development. (To make available terrains of mangrove coastal forests for the development of fish culture/ponds on the fallowing terms and conditions: (b) The mangrove forest are as constitute wild life preserves, Tourist Forests and Production Forests that have been determined to support production of raw materials for the wood industry, such as chips, rayon and energy Coastal  mangrove forest areas that are located  on small islands with an acreage of less than~ O square km  may not be made available for the development of fish culture/pond.).
Presidential Decree of the R.I. No. 32 of 1990 on the Management of Protected Areas  Definition Art. 1 (What is meant by: 12. Mangrove forest coastal area is a coastal area which is the natural habitat of the mangrove forest which functions to provide protection for coastal and marine life.)
Prohibitions. Section VI 37(2).
Decree No. 292/Kpts-II/1995 relative to Forest Area Swapping. Requirements. Section VI Article 12 (2).
Forestry Act No. 41 of 1999 Rehabilitation of mangrove forests. Article 41 (1)  Prohibitions Artice 50 (3)(c).
          Village Law 6/2014 Distribution of benefits. Article 87.
         Government Regulation No. 21/2010 on the protection of marine environment Discharge prohibition. Chapter VII Article 2 (i)