India: Select mangrove laws

       Notification S.O.88(E), dated 6/02/1997. Authority functions. Section 2 (The Authority shall excercise the following powers and perform the following functions, namely:(v) to ensure that the agricultural lands, salt pan lands, mangroves, wetlands, forest lands, land for village common purposes and the land meant for public purposes shall not be sued or converted for construction of shrimp culture ponds).


       Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, Ministry of Environment and Forests. Classification of the CRZ. Section 7(i)(A)(a). ( For the purpose of conserving and protecting the coastal areas and marine waters, the CRZ area shall be classified as follows, namely: (i) CRZI,A.The areas that are ecologically sensitive and the geomorphological features which play a role in the maintaining the integrity of the coast,(a)Mangroves, in case mangrove area is more than 1000 sqmts, a buffer of 50 meters along the mangroves shall be provided). Section 8 (Norms for regulation of activities permissible under this notification,( i) The development or construction activities in different categories of CRZ shall be regulated by the concerned CZMA in accordance with the following norms, namely:V. Areas requiring special consideration, 1.CRZ areas falling within municipal limits of the Greater Mumbai. (i) Developmental activities in the CRZ area of the Greater Mumbai because of the environmental issues, relating to degradation of mangroves, pollution of creeks and coastal waters,due to discharge of untreated effluents and disposal of solid waste, the need to provide decent housing to the poor section of society and lack of suitable alternatives in the inter connected islands of Greater Mumbai shall be regulated as follows,namely:A. Construction of roadsIn CRZI areas indicated at subparagraph (i) of paragraph 7 of the notification the following activities only can be taken up:(a) Construction of roads, approach roads and missing link roads approved in the Development al Plan of Greater Mumbai on stilt sensuring that the free flow of tidal water is not affected, withou tany benefit of CRZII accruing on the land ward side of such constructed roads or approach roads subject to the following conditions:(i) All mangrove areas shall be mapped and notified as protected forest and necessary protection and conservation measures for the identified mangrove areas shall be initiated.(ii) Five times the number of mangroves destroyed/cut during the construction process shall be replanted.).