Guatemala: Select plastic law



Guatemala – Plastic-related law

Acuerdo Gubernativo No. 189-2019 (federal application)

  • Ban on single-use plastic

Acuerdo Gubernativo No. 189-2019 prohibits the use and distribution of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, disposable plastic plates, glasses and stirrers, and disposable plastic or expanded polystyrene food containers across Guatemala. Art. 1. The law exempts plastic used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes as well as items that are factory-sealed with plastic or expanded polystyrene. Art. 4. 

The law specifies that it does not limit provisions that municipalities issue or have issued. Art. 1.

Entities using these items have two years to shift to use of compostable materials that comply with the European Union’s standards for compostable materials under UNE-EN 13432, depending on the availability of required materials. Art. 2.