Belize: Select plastic laws


Belize: Plastic-related laws


Returnable Containers Act, Cap. 328:01

Distributors and dealers must collect a deposit on beverage containers sold or distributed. Art. 3(1). Beverages containers include bottles or cans used to contain 1 gallon (3.8 litres) or less that are made of plastic, glass, metal, aluminium, or steel. Art. 2(1). A dealer is anyone who sells beverages to consumers for consumption off premise. Id. Distributors are entities including importers that fill beverage containers or sells such containers to dealers. Id.

Dealers must accept empty containers sold by the dealer to that redeemer “on proof of purchase from him” and refund the value of the deposit. Art. 4(1). The distributors must accept and refund any empty container beverage of the type sold by such distributor. Art. 4(2). Distributors must designate agents throughout the country to be accessible to the public. Art. 4(3).

Deposit and refund values are defined in the Schedule the Act which may be amended by the Minister. Arts. and 3(2) and 6.

Violation of the law are punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. Art. 8.