Benin: Select plastic laws


Benin plastic law 

The law bans the production, importation, exportation, sale, keeping, distribution, and use of non-biodegradable plastic bags (Articles 2-4).

The law defines a bag as “a small bag or container with or without a sling” but adds that a bi-degradable bag is “a small bag which degrades following activities of micro-organisms and oxygene.” (Article 1).

The law prohibits the throwing and spilling of plastic bags on streets, neighborhoods, public spaces, in rural and urban areas, in drainage networks, in water, river and river banks, and the sea. (Article 5).

The ministry of environment shall prescribe the management and recycling of authorized bags.

However, the law provides the following exceptions (Article 9):

  • Sachets directly destined to the packaging of manufactured goods shall be subject to approval by a ministerial order;
  • Non-biodegradable bags destined for sanitation, medical, military, war, scientific research and experiments, or public health, or national security shall be subject to the minister of environment’s special authorization.

The law only authorizes the production, importation, export, sale, and distribution of bio-degradable after prior approval by the ministry of environment-based conditions to be decided by a ministerial order. (Article 7).

The law provides criminal and financial sanctions in Articles 12-18.