Bangladesh: Select mangrove laws

Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act, 2012.  Chapter 4 (Protected Areas) Sec. 13. ( Declaration of sanctuary. (1) The Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, in the light of national forest policy and forest master plan, and considering natural, geomorphological features, biodiversity and environmental significance, declare any Government forests or part of such forests or any Government land or wetland or any specified area as sanctuary, specifying the demarcation, for the conservation of forest and habitatofwildlife. (2) The sanctuary declared under subsection (1) may be called as wildlife sanctuary, bird sanctuary, elephant sanctuary or wetland dependent animal sanctuary or, as the case may be, marine protected area.(3) When a wetland is declared as sanctuary, measures shall be taken to protect the occupational, traditional ortheright of livelihood of local community of the areasuch as fishermen, boatmen, etc.) Sec 14. (Prohibitions related to sanctuary.(1) In a sanctuary no person shall (a)cultivate any land; (b)establish or undertake any industrial operation; (c)harvest, destroy or collect any plant;(d)set any kind of fire;(e)enter into a sanctuary with any weapon without the permission of the Chief Warden or the officer authorised by him in this behalf;(f)disturb or threatany wildlife, or use chemicals, explosives or any other weapon or substances which may destroy wildlife habitat; (g)introduce any exotic animal or plant; (h)introduce any domestic animal or allow any domestic animal to stray;(i)dump any materials detrimental to wildlife;(j)explore or dig for extraction of minerals; (k)fell any plant or part thereof except silvicultural operations required for natural regeneration of plants; (l)divert, stop or pollute watercourse, 2). Not withstanding anything contained in subsection (1), after the commencement of this Act, no person,institution or company shall establish or operate any industrial factory or brickfield within 2 (two) kilometers from the boundary of a sanctuary.) Sec.18. (Declaration of community conservation area. (1)Any person or community being owner of such land or wetland not included in landscape zonemay, for protection of traditional or cultural value or use of any animal or plant and for sustainable development of such land or wetland and for the management of wildlife, apply tothe Government for declaration as community conservation area.(2) When application under subsection (1) is made, the Government may, by notification in the official Gazette,declare the land or wetland mentioned in the applicationas community conservation area.(3) comanagement may be initiated inthearea declared under subsection (2),and the concerned warden shall take necessary steps for the implementation of decision taken by comanagement committee.(4) The Government may,where applicable, provide compensation for the affected owner of the area declared under subsection (2).)