Aruba: Select plastic laws



Landsverordening verbod voor het milieu, Afkondigingsblad van Aruba 2019 no. 67 [National Ordinance prohibiting environmentally harmful products, Bulletin of Aruba 2019 no. 67]

To protect the environment, in 2019, Aruba banned the import, manufacture, sale, or free distribution of a list of products made of plastic or polystyrene that are intended for single use. Id., Art. 2(1). The products include plastic bags with handles (except those used for duty-free purchase at the airport), utensils including chopsticks, cups, stirrers, straws (except those used for medical purposes), plates, food packaging (with a few exceptions), and bags to be used for unwrapped fruit and vegetables; and polystyrene cups, plates, and certain food packaging including boxes for fast-food. Id, Annex 1 (A) and (B). The ban came into effect on 1 July 2020.

The law bans the release into the air of balloons or plastic confetti. Id., Art. 17.

[In addition, the law bans the import, manufacture, sale or free distribution of sunscreen that includes oxybenzone. Id., Art. 2(2) and Annex 1(C).]

In 2017, Aruba banned the use of plastic bags (Law no. 46 of 2016) with handles which are intended for single use.