The People vs. The Arctic

Oil and gas platforms in the North Sea oil fields of Norway, Wikimedia Commons, Øyvind Knoph Askeland

Greenpeace Nordic Association and Natur og Ungdom (Nature & Youth) are in Distrcit Court in Oslo, Norway, this week asking the court to cancel plans to explore for oil in the Arctic. They argue that the government did not adequately consider the climate impacts of the Licensing Decision and how those impacts will infringe the fundamental constitutional right of every person, including future generations, to a healthy environment, including a livable climate.

ELAW submitted an Amicus Curiae Brief to support the plaintiffs’ arguments.  Through the Brief, ELAW shares with the Court important jurisprudence from foreign courts and tribunals that have ruled on issues similar to those raised by the plaintiffs. The Brief also highlights important deficiencies in the information provided to the decision makers as part of the environmental analysis that formed the basis for the Licensing Decision.
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Jennifer Gleason
ELAW Staff Attorney  
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