Moving Past Coal in Central Europe

On his way to Eugene this month, ELAW Fellow Milosz Jakubowski visits the Grand Canyon.

Air pollution in Poland is among the worst in Europe. “People use coal for home heating, and dangerous particulate matter contaminates the air,” says  ELAW Fellow Milosz Jakubowski.
Milosz arrived this week from  the Poland office of Frank Bold, where grassroots attorneys are taking the lead to keep coal in the ground in Central Europe.
Poland is home to the world’s largest lignite-fired power plant. Lignite is the dirtiest form of coal. Despite devastating impacts on people’s health and the climate from burning coal, Poland’s state-owned energy company (PGE) seeks to expand current lignite mines and open new ones.
“The government says climate change is not caused by burning coal, but community members know otherwise,” says Milosz. “Farmers realize something bad is happening, and it is happening now!”
ELAW Staff Attorneys and Staff Scientists are working with Milosz to help protect the climate and clean the air in Poland.
Many thanks to the Trust for Mutual Understanding for supporting an ELAW Fellowship for Milosz.
Maggie Keenan
Communications Director
& Fellows Program Coordinator

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