Nigeria: Select mangrove laws

A variety of laws impact mangrove management and protection in Nigeria. Some are highlighted below.

Oil Spill Recovery, Clean-up, Remediation and Damage Assessment Regulations, 2011, Table 6A and B, Article 13 (high sensitivity of mangroves to oil spills and post-spill cleanup efforts).

National environmental (Coastal and marine area protection) regulations, S.I. No. 18 of 2011,, Articles 2 (objectives), 3(b) (EIAs), 5 (Coastal Regulation Zone includes mangroves)

National Environmental (Wetlands, River Banks and Lake Shores) Regulations, No. 26 of 2009,, Articles 15 (banks and shores are public trust), 3 and 17 (conservation objectives), 5, 8-9, 11, 17, 20 (restrictions and authorizations for wetlands), 7, 25-26 (protected wetlands), 5, 14-15, 24 (duties towards wetlands)

National environmental (Wetlands, river banks and lake shores) regulations, S.I. No. 26 of 2009, Articles 3, 30 (sustainable utilization of wetlands), 4, 19 (inventory and monitoring), 7 (protected wetlands), 15 (banks and shores within public trust), 17, 28 (EIAs)

1997 No. 13, National Inland Waterways Authority Act, Articles 13(2)(limited extraction from waterways), 23(a)(protected banks)

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