Djibouti: Select mangrove laws

Décret n°2004-0065/PR/MHUEAT du 22 avril 2004 portant protection de la biodiversité(Decree establishing protection of biodiversity), Articles 10(felling mangroves requires prior authorization), 14(limitations on pruning mangrove trees), 1(decree’s purpose is to protect biodiversity), 2 and 6(both land and underwater hunting of wild animals are prohibited), 11(special protections for plants, not including mangrove species), 12(cutting limbs from small plants prohibited), 17(ban on export of domestically cut timber)

Loi n°106/AN/00/4ème L du 29 octobre 2000 portant Loi-Cadre sur l'Environnement (Framework Law on the Environment), Title I(environment as world heritage, environmental rights and obligations), Articles 1(broad definition of marine pollution), 3(environmental principles), 16(water as a public good), 16-26(restrictions and protections for water), 39(wildlife resources as common heritage), 40(ban on destruction of habitat and plants), 46(required nature reserves in urban and rural spaces), 89-93(polluter pays, bulk oil transportation), 98-102(EIAs and related studies) 

Loi n ° 45/AN/04/5ème L portant création des Aires Protégées Terrestres et Marines(Law establishing the creation of Land and Marine Protected Areas), see generally, management and restrictions in protected areas

Loi n°93/AN/95/3ème L du 4 avril 1996 portant Code de l’Eau(the Water Code), Article 1(water is a common resource and is to be managed so as to protect against pollution, among other uses) 

Décret n°2000-0031/PR/MAEM pris en application de la loi n°93/AN/95/3ème L du 04 avril 1996 portant Code de l'Eau, relatif à la Lutte contre la Pollution des Eaux (Decree applying the Water Code, regarding the Fight against Water Pollution)(restrictions and requirements related to discharges into water bodies, among other things)

Décret n°2001-0011/PR/MHUEAT du 15 janvier 2001 portant définition de la procédure d’Etude d’Impact Environnementale(Decree defining the Environmental Impact Study process)

Arrêté no. 2007-0035/PR/MAEM portant réglementation des cultures marines(Order related to fish farming)

Loi n°187/AN/02/4ème L du 09 septembre 2002 portant approbation de Code de Pêche(Law ratifying the Fishing Code), Articles 15-16(fishing licenses are revocable)

Décret n° 2000-0032/PR/MAEM pris en application de la Loi n°93/AN/95/3ème L du 04 avril 1996 portant Code de l’Eau, relatif aux procédures de déclarations, autorisations et concessions (Decree made pursuant to the Water Code, regarding declaration, authorization, and concession procedures), see generally for requirements related to water withdrawals 


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