Local and Global Climate Solutions

Thanks to everyone who participated in this community conversation on climate change!

Thanks especially to our speakers and experts:

Jennifer Gleason, ELAW
Milosz Jakubowski, Frank Bold
Coreal Riday-White, Our Children’s Trust
Zealand Bell, Juliana v. US youth plaintiff
Deb McGee, 350
Sandra Clark, 350
Pablo Alvarez, Beyond Toxics
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein, Temple Beth Israel
Ernie Niemi, Natural Resource Economics
Cooper Brinson, Civil Liberties Defense Center
Mary DeMocker, Parenting for Climate Revolution

Resources for action:
ELAW Climate Litigation Strategies
Five Cheap Ways to Remove CO2 from the Atmosphere
Can we limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C?
Efficiency Could Ensure Total Emissions Decline after 2020