Indigenous Guardian Network Initiative

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In early February, ELAW welcomed a distinguished panel of Indigenous leaders and legal experts who presented their 2020 report, The Case for a Guardian Network Initiative.

This report reviews over 70 Indigenous Guardian/Ranger/Watchmen programs in Canada and other countries, highlighting how these programs provide opportunities for reconciliation, capacity building, land stewardship, and climate resilience.

Panelists included Calvin Sandborn, Q.C., report co-author, Legal Director at the Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria; Dr. Frank Brown, Hereditary Chief of Heiltsuk Nation, Senior Advisor of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative in Canada; Dr. John Borrows, I.P.C., Canada Research Chair of Indigenous Law, founder of the UVic program that offers the world’s first combined law degree in Canadian Common Law (JD) and Indigenous Legal Orders (JID); and Ruben Tillman, report co-author, Ng Ariss Fong law firm.

Panelists engaged in discussion with ELAW partners, Goldman Prize winners, and distinguished guests from around the world.

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Paola Eisner
Law Associate
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide