Happy Earth Day from ELAW

Orcas in the seas off Russia’s east coast are being saved from capture for marine parks in China.

We are inspired by many victories this past year for communities and the environment around the world. For example:
In Russia, captured orca and beluga whales were ordered to be released into the wild.

In India, the Aravallis forests have new protection from encroachment.

In Australia, a proposed coal mine was shelved because of impacts on climate change.

In Ukraine, dolphins have been saved from marine parks.

In Nepal, the Pokhara Valley was saved from plans by a private developer to install a cable car.

In Mexico, a fertile seabed near Magdalena Bay in Baja California was saved from plans for an underwater phosphate mine.

In Honduras, attorney Laura Palmese won a 2018 Climate Justice Award for pioneering an innovative and effective climate justice initiative.

In honor of Earth Day, we hope you will support ELAW’s fight to protect the environment and defend human rights around the world.

More advocates around the globe are calling on ELAW for help. Your support will help communities around the world speak up for clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and a healthy planet.
For more information about ELAW’s work around the world, please contact:
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