EIA Procedure
Projects Requiring EIA: Government projects, Private projects
Abridged Assessments: N/A
Best Practices in Lieu of EIA: N/A
Who Conducts Screening: N/A
Who Prepares EIA: N/A
Who Pays for EIA: N/A
EIA Contractor Qualifications: N/A
Conflict of Interest: N/A
Terms of Reference: N/A
Automatic Approval: N/A
Written Decision: N/A
Authority to Impose Conditions: N/A
Financial Assurances or Bond: N/A
EIA Content
Interdisciplinary Team: N/A
Range of Alternatives: N/A
No Action Alternative: N/A
Mitigation: N/A
Monitoring Plans: N/A
Access to Information
Public Notice of Draft EIA: N/A
Draft EIA Available: N/A
Public Notice of Final EIA: N/A
Final EIA Available: N/A
Fee to View EIA Documents: N/A
Availability of Reference Studies: N/A
Public Notice of Final Decision: N/A
Public Notice of Final Decision Detail: N/A
Public Participation
Public Scopingtigation: N/A
Public Review of TOR: N/A
Public Meetings: N/A
Public Input at Meeting: N/A
Public Comments on Draft EIA: N/A
Response to Public Comments: N/A
Facilitation of Public Participation: N/A
Judicial Review/Enforcement
Citizen Administrative Review: N/A
Citizen Judicial Review: N/A
Project Monitoring: N/A
Enforceability of EIA: N/A
Enforceability of Permit: N/A