ELAW Fellows Test Bomb Craters and More!


ELAW Bulletin

The Register-Guard included a Guest Viewpoint on Sunday by local writer Jourdan Arenson.

Jourdan writes of ELAW:

"...  down at the grassroots, a little-known group illustrates how a global network bound by common purpose can achieve results..."

Jourdan describes the power of the ELAW Fellows Program and how it strengthens the capacity of promising advocates from Ukraine, Morocco, Thailand, and more, to protect communities and the environment.

Read more about our courageous Fellows, including Alla Voytsikhovska who tested bomb craters in Eastern Ukraine for contaminants!

The Register-Guard, April 10, 2016
Local Environmental Alliance Has Global Reach

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Maggie Keenan
Communications Director &
ELAW Fellows Program Coordinator