ELAW Fellow: Isaias Ramos from Panama

ELAW Bulletin

The ELAW Fellows Program is adapting to a new world. We planned to host Panamanian biologist Isaias Ramos (at right) for a two-week ELAW Fellowship at our U.S. office in April, but due to COVID-19 moved his program online, with good results.

Isaias is Staff Scientist at Centro de Incidencia Ambiental (Center for Environmental Advocacy, CIAM), based in Panama City. ELAW has worked with CIAM for many years to defend local communities and ecosystems from polluting gold and copper mines.

This spring, ELAW Staff Scientist Dr. Meche Lu launched an online ELAW Fellowship for Isaias focused on raising public awareness about the impacts of climate change and mining industry abuses.

We will share more information about Meche's work with Isaias and CIAM in the upcoming summer issue of the ELAW Advocate.

Find more information about the ELAW Fellows Program here.

P.S. Many thanks to Dr. Glenn Miller for 20 years of service as an ELAW Director! We appreciate your collaboration with CIAM and many other ELAW partners to speak out against the environmental and human rights abuses of short-sighted mining operations.

Maggie Keenan
Communications Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide