Ecuadorian Lawyer Wraps Up Killian O. Doherty Environmental Justice Fellowship

Juana Trujillo Cardenas, a new Ecuadorian lawyer, recently completed a Killian O. Doherty Environmental Justice Fellowship.

“This was an amazing experience with such a warm and caring team of professionals. I am so honored to have been given this opportunity,” says Juana.

Juana was pleased to gain field experience with ELAW’s Law Team, while helping protect communities and the environment around the world.

During her 10-week Killian Fellowship, her projects included:

  • Collaborating with the Law Team to support the work of environmental and human rights lawyers in Argentina, Mexico, Panama, and the Philippines;
  • Providing legal research on environmental impact assessments (EIAs) and cases protecting mangroves to enhance ELAW’s library of Legal & Scientific Resources; and
  • Contributing to two amicus curiae briefs to be submitted by ELAW in support of cases brought by our partners.

Many thanks to the Doherty Family and all those whose generous support helped make this Killian Fellowship possible!

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