Earth Day Profile: Calvin Sandborn

Calvin Sandborn (Canada) and Ximena Ramos (Mexico) at the 2015 ELAW Annual Meeting.

The ELAW network is built on personal bonds, forged over many years. Today, we honor Calvin Sandborn who we have worked with for years to win justice for British Columbia First Nations and communities across Canada.

Calvin is the Legal Director of the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre (ELC). He has worked with ELAW and partners around the world to establish British Columbia’s cutting-edge carbon tax and global greenhouse gas targets, expand safety buffers around gas wells, revamp septic regulations, and improve Freedom of Information rules. Calvin’s work at ELC also established the Fair Mining Practices Code, adopted as law by five British Columbia First Nations.

“Calvin brings joy, vision, strength, and endless energy” says Bern Johnson, ELAW Executive Director. “He has inspired environmental advocates around the world. And he plays a mean guitar.”

ELC collaborates closely with First Nations opposing the Prosperity Fish Lake Mine, a movement honored by this year’s Goldman Prize winner Marilyn Baptiste. They also collaborate with Art Sterritt, named North America’s top unheralded environmental advocate by Stanford University’s 2014 Bright Award.

“ELAW is one of the finest and most uplifting organizations I know,” says Calvin. “I come back from ELAW meetings re-invigorated by the fact that colleagues from around the world are fighting the good fight, addressing similar issues, and applying high principles to public policy. When I head back to work, I am energized by the ELAW family and the fact that we are all working together to protect nature.”

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Maggie Keenan
Communications Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide