C.S. Mott Foundation recognizes ELAW

ELAW Bulletin 1/7/16

Paulo Celso de Oliveira

The C.S.  Mott Foundation is celebrating more than 20 years of high impact collaborating with ELAW.  Last month's Mott News features this collaboration:

"25 years of elevating environmental standards in developing nations."

Mott Program Officer Traci Romine says:

"When ELAW was established 25 years ago, public interest law and science to build environmental, social and governance standards for finance in the developing world was in its infancy...

"Today, ELAW has global impact.  Its model of training, supporting and building a strong community of committed advocates worldwide raises environmental and social standards to protect ecosystems and communities for generations to come."

Traci recently re-connected with Paulo Celso de Oliveira, Brazil's first indigenous attorney.  Paulo was an ELAW Fellow in 1996.

Reflecting on that Fellowship, Paulo says:

"The period I spent with ELAW was a watershed in my professional career, paving the way to begin working internationally...  I met environmental lawyers from other countries and learned the importance of international cooperation to support communities affected by large enterprises."

I am pleased to share the full report on Paulo's journey and ELAW's collaboration with the C.S.  Mott Foundation:

December 17, 2015
Mott News
Global alliance marks 25 years of elevating environmental standards in developing nations

Bern Johnson
Executive Director


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