Cameroon: Building Skills in Environmental Law and Litigation

Congratulations to ELAW partners at Cameroon’s Foundation for Environment and Development (FEDEV) for co-hosting a successful two-day training for lawyers on environmental law and litigation!

45 lawyers from four regions participated in the training in Cameroon in early September co-hosted by FEDEV, the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection, and Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Cameroon Bar Association. Nine Ph.D. students interning with FEDEV also joined. The training complemented FEDEV’s recent environmental law workshops, including one for judges and one for journalists.

ELAW Staff Scientists Drs. Meche Lu and Mark Chernaik, and Africa Law Associate Bernard Ngalim presented at the training, as well as natural resource analyst, Ernie Niemi.
“FEDEV is inspiring and preparing more lawyers to do the important work of standing up for communities and the environment,” says Jen Gleason, ELAW Law Program Director. “We are pleased to be partnering with FEDEV in this important work.”

The workshop featured discussions about the importance of environmental impact assessments, explored the links between human rights and environmental law, and covered legal procedures to advance environmental justice. Lawyers gained knowledge and shared experiences to bolster their work for environmental justice.

Another session will be convened in November for lawyers in the southwest of Cameroon to learn about environmental law and litigation.

Bern Johnson
Executive Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide