A new generation tackles land disputes in Uganda

ELAW eBulletin

Many land disputes that end up in Uganda’s courts have roots in environmental problems: access to clean water, intact forests, and lands where communities grow food.

“People are fighting over scarce resources,” says Judge Kenneth Kakuru in an interview with NBS-TV Uganda about a workshop for 45 lawyers from East Africa hosted by ELAW and partners at Greenwatch.

 NBS-TV Uganda interviews ELAW partners

Ugandan Lawyers should do more environmental litigation.  Ernest Kalibbala, Vice President of the Uganda Law Society, says young lawyers must be trained in environmental advocacy to safeguard fragile ecosystems.  Ernest officiated at the opening of the 3-day workshop.

ELAW Staff Attorney Jen Gleason participated in the workshop.  She says: “We are helping young lawyers gain the skills they need to defend the rights of communities and take on powerful interests.”

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Maggie Keenan
Communications Director