2016 Victories

ELAW partners achieved tremendous victories in 2016, including:

  • Jamaica’s Goat Islands were saved! A plan for a trans-shipment port and logistics hub in the Portland Bight Protected Area near Jamaica’s Goat Islands has been canceled because of the threat of serious environmental damage.
  • Former workers at a Unilever thermometer factory in Tamil Nadu, India, received a settlement from Unilever that will help repay old debts, meet medical expenses, and rebuild broken lives after workers and community members were exposed to toxic mercury for over 15 years.
  • Zuzana Caputova won a Goldman Prize for her work to prevent toxic dumping in Pezinok, Slovakia.
  • Mexican human rights defender Eduardo Mosqueda Sánchez was freed after being imprisoned on bogus charges for almost 10 months. Eduardo was arrested while working to defend that Nahua people in Jalisco State.

We will continue our work fighting for the environment and human rights around the world in 2017, and look forward to more victories for the planet and communities.

Many thanks for your confidence in our work!

The ELAW Team

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