West Papuans Seek Justice

Dear friends,

When Deminikus Bebari and Johannes Deikme, tribal representatives of the Amungme people of West Papua, Indonesia, visited Eugene for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) earlier this year, they made it a point to meet with the ELAW team.

Deminikus Bebari (front left) and Johannes Deikme (front right)

The Grasberg mine, one of the world’s largest gold mines, is located near Tembagapura, West Papua.  The mine displaced the Amungme people in 1973.  Since then, local rivers and springs used for drinking water have been contaminated and the mine has destroyed the top of a mountain the Amungme hold sacred.

Deminikus and Johannes traveled to the United States to shine a light on the environmental and cultural devastation caused by the Grasberg mine.  They met with members of the ELAW team who are now providing legal and scientific support.

We will keep you posted about our work with the Amungme.  Many thanks for your interest!


Michele Kuhnle Donor Liaison Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

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