As reported in ELAW’s Winter 1994 Update
In the Summer 1993 ELAW Update we reported a case involving a proposal to reopen the Lake Katwe salt plant in Uganda. The plant would dispose of salt waste by-products to the nearby Lake Munyanyange, home to many exotic birds and endangered plants. ELAW U.S. analyzed the reported chemical composition of salt waste by-products from Lake Katwe, and the potential environmental impacts of disposing of these wastes in a fragile lake ecosystem. Livingstone Sewanyana, Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, wrote with good news about the case. He reported: "The information you provided on disposal of wastes from Lake Katwe Salt Plant was very useful. With such data I was able, to make a strong case. I am pleased to inform you that plans to continue waste disposal into the lake have been abandoned: Thanks. to ELAW."