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South Asia India
Climate Change
Constitutions Right to Healthy Environment Right to Life
Energy Renewables
Right to ... Health
Sustainable Development
Wildlife Endangered species
Southeast Asia Viet Nam
Defending Defenders
A new in-depth report about Vietnam’s Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) was released in June 2024, outlining the problems with the financing, governance, energy solutions, and participation necessary to achieve a truly just transition.
Sub-Saharan Africa South Africa
Access to Justice
SLAPP Suits Slander/libel/defamation
Decision from the High Court of South Africa (Western Cape Division, Cape Town) asserting that "[c]orporations should not be allowed to weaponise our legal system against the ordinary citizen and activists in order to intimidate and silence them" and recognizing "the SLAPP suit defense."
South Asia India
Waste Plastics and plastic waste
In S.J.Jayaram v Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram, WP(C). No. 545 of 2012, High Court of Kerala (14 September 2020), the petitioner claimed that the city of Thiruvananthapuram failed its statutory duty of collecting waste and disposing of it properly. The petitioner asserted that the non-degradable waste, including plastic waste, are burned and that burning plastic can result in the release of highly dangerous emissions, particularly when the plastic comprises organochlor based substances like PVC. Para. 2.
South Asia India
Water Resources Rivers
The following summary emphasizes portions of the National Green Tribunal (Tribunal) judgments and orders that address plastic pollution in the River Ganga. Through these orders and many others, the Tribunal also imposed strict orders concerning industrial pollution, sewage treatment, waste disposal and other activities contributing to river pollution.
Marine and Coastal Aquaculture Mangroves
Southeast Asia Viet Nam
Marine and Coastal Mangroves

ELAW Fellows

The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide has hosted more than 200 environmental professionals from all over the world. ELAW Fellows are committed advocates who help the world’s most disadvantaged communities protect the environment through law.