Cote d'Ivoire: Select mangrove laws

Le Code Forestier, Loi No. 2019-675 du 23 juillet 2019 (Forest Code), Articles 1(special classification for “forêt galerie”, forests creating biological corridors over water bodies), 7-16(government obligations related to forests), 45-47(restrictions for felling trees), 48(special management areas include “forêts galeries”), 49 felling trees prohibited in “national forest domain”, 60 and 63(all logging requires prior government authorization); see also Title III(classification of forests)

Loi N° 2017-378 du 2 juin 2018 relative à l'aménagement, à la protection et à la gestion intégrée du littoral (Law regarding the development, protection, and integrated management of littoral areas),, Articles 5(principles of coastal management), 18-19(protected areas, ecological sites, and marine protected areas), 38(coastal activities must not adversely affect nature), 42(limitations on construction in lagoons and the public maritime domain)

Loi no. 2014-390 du 20 juin 2014 d’orientation sur le développement durable (Law regarding sustainable development), Articles 5(environmental principles), 16(recognizing transboundary nature of ecosystems, supporting collaboration to assure durable development), 33(guaranteeing local decision making)

Loi n° 2002-102 du 11 février 2002 relative à la création, à la gestion et au financement des parcs nationaux et des réserves naturelles (Law related to the creation, development, and financing of national parks and natural reserves), Articles 1(forestry and disturbances to fauna and flora banned in strict natural reserves), 2(national park and certain nature reserves are part of the public domain and thus inalienable), 5-7(authorizing protection of certain areas within the public domain, including national parks and réserves naturelles intégrales (strict nature reserves), as well as other areas including partial nature reserves, voluntary nature reserves, and peripheral areas), 10-11 and 14(banning forestry, activities likely to harm to flora, and other activities in strict nature reserves and national parks; such activities are banned unless otherwise authorized in partial natural reserves); see also Décret n° 2012-163 du 09 février 2012 déterminant les procédures de classement des parcs nationaux et des réserves naturelles 

Loi n°98-755 du 23 décembre 1998 Portant Code de l’Eau (Water Code), Articles 1(discussing the protection perimeter; right of public participation, among other things), 5(objective of preserving wetlands), 7(water as common national heritage), 10 and 27-28(discussing sacred waters), 12-20(regarding limits to water withdrawals), 38 and 47(requiring protection perimeters), 45(prohibiting water waste), 48-51(banning certain water pollution), among other relevant articles 

Loi n° 96-766 du 3 octobre 1996 portant Code de l'Environnement (Environmental Code), Articles 13 and 23(protection perimeters), 74(creating network of biological reserves and authorizing judges to immediately stop any form of environmental degradation), 75-80(restricting discharges into water bodies), 87(banning damaging habitats, protected plants, and felling trees in certain areas)

The following laws and decrees which may be relevant to particular issues related to mangroves may be downloaded from this government site, Loi n° 96- 669 du 29 Septembre 1996 portant Code pétrolier (Petroleum Code), Décret n° 96 - 733 du 19 Septembre 1996 relatif aux modalités générales d’application de la loi n° 96 - 669 du 29 Août portant code pétrolier (Decree related to general modalities of application of the Petroleum Code), Loi n° 95-553 du 18 juillet 1995 portant Code Minier (Mining Code), Décret n° 96-634 du 09 août déterminant les modalités d’application de la loi n° 95-553 du 18 juillet 1995 portant Code Minier (Decree determining the modalities of application of the Mining Code).

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