Île Holbox enregistrée

Chers amis,

ELAW partner Alejandra Serrano sent thrilling news this weekend!

Holbox Island

The proposed “Ensenada” development, which threatened the stunning landscape and rich fisheries of Quintana Roo’s Holbox Island, has been shelved.

Alejandra and her colleagues at the Centre mexicain du droit de l'environnement have worked since 2012 to protect islanders from this out-sized tourism scheme.

Alejandra writes:

“The development would have devastated the Yum Balam Protected Area and local fisheries.  The Environmental Impact Assessment was deficient and the company withdrew.  Many thanks to the ELAW team for your technical support, friendship, and support to carry on.”

Community members were right to be concerned.  The developer’s plans included hotels, villas, condominiums, offices, a shopping plaza, roads, and a helicopter pad, all located in the Protected Area.  The community of under 2,000 would have been dwarfed by new housing for thousands of visitors.  The developers also proposed cutting channels through pristine mangroves to increase waterfront acreage.

Merci pour ton intérêt!


Maggie Keenan
Directrice des communications et coordonnatrice du programme Fellows
Alliance mondiale du droit de l'environnement

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