Grassroots Advocates Flock to Eugene

March 4, 2009

Dear friends,

2009 ELAW Annual Meeting, Mt. Pisgah
Annual Meeting participants at the top of Mt. Pisgah.

ELAW partners from 25 countries traveled to Eugene last week to gain skills and resources that will make them more effective advocates for their communities and wild places.

These advocates made the 2009 ELAW Annual Meeting a terrific success.

This was Diana Mewerimbe's first trip to the U.S. She is a lawyer with the Environmental Law Centre in Papua New Guinea. Diana helps remote communities protect forests from foreign logging companies that operate illegally. PNG has the largest tract of tropical rainforest outside of the Amazon.



 Diana Mewerimbe
Diana Mewerimbe



"It was fantastic to meet and work with people from around the world who are doing the same thing we are doing. It gives me encouragement because I know I am not alone!"

Many visitors climbed to the top of Eugene's Mt. Pisgah and learned about efforts to preserve natural areas around Eugene. Whether collaborating to protect the climate or sharing meals, ELAW Annual Meetings build the bonds that make our network strong.

To see media reports on our Annual Meeting, click the links below.

Thank you for your support!


Bern Johnson
Executive Director
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

Environmental Leaders Converge in Eugene

KLCC-FM Fernando Ochoa
Protecting whales in Baja California