E Magazine Features E-LAW

Children protesting toxic waste
E-LAW partners in South Africa at the Legal Resources Centre are representing members of a community who oppose a proposed toxic waste incinerator.
(Photo: Peter Upfold/Caxtons Newspapers Group)

Dear friends,

E Magazine has recognized the high impact work of E-LAW U.S.

In the September/October issue, now on the newstand, Editor Jim Motavalli writes:

"When a multinational oil company sends natural gas flares into the air in Nigeria, or a factory dumps chemicals into Mexico’s Lake Chapala, will local environmentalists be able to harness the legal clout to get the pollution stopped? They will if they work with the Eugene, Oregon-based Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW). . . .

E-LAW gets results. In Mexico, it helped draft petitions to compel the government to enforce environmental laws. In Chile, its work helped cancel three dams that would have flooded old-growth forests. In Peru, it works to reduce children’s exposure to lead emissions from a U.S.-owned smelter."

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Bern Johnson
Executive Director