Conserving Caribbean Ecosystems

January 21, 2005 Dear friends, The Caribbean is home to a tremendous variety of plants and animals, as well as blue skies and sandy beaches. Mining, over-fishing, and tourism industry abuses threaten this region`s treasures. E-LAW U.S. is pleased to announce an exciting new initiative to protect the Caribbean`s fragile biodiversity. Our three-year project to collaborate with local advocates to conserve ecosystems in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Dominica, Haiti, and St. Lucia is off to a good start with new funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Please see the report in yesterday`s Register-Guard: Together with our colleagues at the Jamaica Environment Trust, E-LAW U.S. is reaching out to public interest lawyers and environmental law organizations in the insular Carribean and giving them the skills and tools they need. Through this collaboration, we are strengthening and enforcing laws to protect biodiversity, while building lasting, local capacity to protect Caribbean ecosystems for generations to come. E-LAW U.S. thanks the MacArthur Foundation for its generous support. Sincerely, Bern Johnson Executive Director E-LAW U.S.