Courts Addressing Government Response to Climate Change

Foreign Cases Referenced in Amicus Brief

Courts Reviewing Government Action

Mathur v. Ontario2020 ONSC 6918 (Superior Ct. of Justice Ontario) (13 July 2020)

Neubauer, et al. v. Germany, BVerfG, Beschluss des Ersten Senats vom 24. März 2021 - 1 BvR 2656/18 -, Rn. 1-270 [Order of the First Senate of 24 March 2021]

The State of the Netherlands v Urgenda Foundation, ECLI:NL:HR:2019:2006 (Supreme Court of the Netherlands) (20 December 2019)

Barragán, et al. v. Presidencia de la República et al., Corte Suprema de Justicia [C.S.J.], 5 abril 2018, MP Luis Armando Tolosa Villabona, STC4360-2018 

India Council for Enviro-Legal Action v. Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Nat’l Green Trib., App. No. 170 of 2014 

Friends of the Irish Environment v. Ireland, Appeal No: 205/19 (Supreme Court of Ireland) (31 July 2020)

Thomson v. Minister for Climate Change IssuesCIV 2015-485-919 [2017] NZHC 733

Leghari v. Pakistan, (2015) WP No. 25501/2015 (Punjab)

VZW Klimaatzaak v. Kingdom of Belgium and OthersBelgium Court of First Instance, No. 167, 83 (Jun. 17, 2021)

Notre Affaire à Tous and Others v. France, No. 1904967, 1904968, 1904972, 1904976/4-1, Paris Administrative Court (3 February 2021) 


Other Foreign Decisions Cited

Case of the Yakye Axa Indigenous Community v. ParaguayJudgment of June 17, 2005 (Merits, Reparations and Costs)

T. Damodhar Rao v. Municipal Corp. of Hyderabad, 1987 A.I.R (AP) 171

Shantistar Builders v. Narayan Khimalal Totame, [1990] 1 SCC 520

West Pakistan Salt Miners Labour Union v. Industries and Mineral Development, 1994 S.C.M.R. 2061

Mohiuddin Farooque v. Bangladesh, [1997] 17 B.L.D. (A.D.) 1 

Gbemre v. Shell Petroleum Dev. Co. Nigeria Ltd., [2005] AHRLR 151 




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