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 Bahamas  Court of Appeal of the Bahamas  EN  Court of Appeal Judgments
Dominican Republic Suprema Corte de Justicia  ES  
Jamaica The Supreme Court of Jamacia  EN  Supreme Court & Court of Appeal Judgments


Central America

Belize Belize Law  EN  Supreme Court & Court of Appeal Judgments
Belize  Belize Law  EN  Privy Council Judgments
Costa Rica SCIJ  ES  
El Salvador Corte Suprema de Justicia
Guatemala Organismo Judicial  ES  
Honduras Poder Judicial de Honduras  ES  
Nicaragua Poder Judicial Republicia de Nicaragua  ES  
Panama Centro de Documentaction Judicial  ES  


Central and Eastern Europe

Czech Republic The Constitutional Court CS  
 Moldova Curtea Suprema de Justitie RO  
Russia Supreme Court of Russia RU  
Slovakia Slovak Constitutional Court EN/SK  Judgments form 1992-2003 available in English
Slovakia Slovak Supreme Court SK  
Ukraine UK  Supreme Court & High Court Judgments, plus some Appellative & Local Courts  


Central Asia and Caucasus

 Armenia  The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia  HY/RU/EN  Constitutional Court Judgments 
 Georgia  Supreme Court of Georgia GEO/EN  Judgments available in Georgian only


East Asia

 Indonesia Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia IN
 Japan Supreme Court of Japan EN/JA  Supreme Court Judgments
 Malaysia Malaysian Court Official Web EN/MS  Federal Court, Court of Appeal & High Court Judgments
 Philippines Supreme Court of the Philippines EN/FI  Supreme Court Judgments from 1996


Middle East and North Africa

 Israel The Judicial Authority EN/IW  Supreme Court Judgments
 Pakistan  Supreme Court of Pakistan  EN  Supreme Court Judgments


North America

Canada CanLll EN/FR  Federal & State Court Judgments
Mexico IUS ES  
United States Cornell Law School EN   General Topics Search for U.S Law
United States Cornell Law School EN  U.S Supreme Court Judgments since 1992
United States Cornell Law School EN  U.S Circuit Courts Judgments
United States Find Law EN  Requires Free Registration
United States Oyez EN  Audio Recorded U.S Supreme Court   Judgments since 1955
United States LexisNexis EN  State & Federal Courts & U.S Supreme Court Judgments since 1781
United States Bulk Resource EN  Opinions published in the Federal Reporter (F2d & F3d); must have citation to use
United States Inter-American Court of Human Rights EN/ES  Decisions & Judgments
United States Inter-American Commission on Human Rights EN/ES/FR/PT  



Australia Australasian Legal Information Institute EN  Judgments from all Jurisdictions
New Zealand New Zealand Legal Information Institute EN  High Court Judgments from 1963
Papua New Guinea Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute EN  Judgments from all Jurisdictions


South America

Chile Poder Judicial ES    
Chile Tribunal Constitucional de Chile ES  


South Asia

 India  EN  Supreme Court & High Court Judgments 
 India  The Judgment Information System  EN  Supreme Court, High Court & District Court Judgments


Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa South African Legal Information Institute EN  
Kenya Kenya Law Report EN  High Court & Court of Appeal Judgments


Western Europe

UK & Ireland  British & Irish Legal Information Institute EN  British, Irish & European Union Case Law
 Ireland  Irish Legal Information Institute  EN  Supreme Court, High Court & Court of Criminal Appeal Judgments
Spain  Bienvenido al Portal del Poder Judicial EN  
United Kingdom  Her Majesty's Courts Service EN  House of Lords & Privy Council Judgments 
Europe  European Union Law 23 Languages  
Europe  Court of Justice of the European Union 22 Languages  
Europe  European Court of Human Rights EN/FR  



Commonwealth CommonLII  EN  Judgments from all Commonwealth Jurisdictions
Worldwide ECOLEX  EN/FR/ES  
Worldwide The World Law Guide EN  
Worldwide Law Library of US Congress EN  Provides Links to Legal Resources by County
Worldwide World Legal Information Institute EN  


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