Constitutions from around the world (links)

Albania (in Albanian) (in English)

Algeria (click on “Presentation”, then on “Constitution of 1996”) (in English. Available in Arabic and French by clicking on the flags)

Argentina (in Spanish) (in English)

Azerbaijan (in Azerbaijan) (in English)

Bangladesh (in English)

Belarus (in English)

Belgium (in English)

Benin (in French)

Cambodia (in English)

Cape Verde (in Portuguese)

Colombia (in Spanish)

Costa Rica (in Spanish)

Czech Republic (in Czech) (in English)

Dominican Republic (in Spanish)

(in English)

Ethiopia (in English)

France (in French) (in English)

Germany (in English)

Guatemala (in Spanish)

Guinea (click on “Textes de base”, then on “Constitution”) (in French)

Ireland (in English)

Israel (in English)

Italy (in Italian) (in English)

Japan (in English)

Kazakhstan (click on “State” and then on “The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”)

Kuwait (click on “English”, then on “Kuwait Constitution”) (in English)

Latvia (in English)

Lithuania (in Lithuanian) (in English)

Madagascar (click on “The Malagasy Constitution in French”) (in French)

Malta (in English)

Mauritania (in French)

Mauritius (click on “The Constitution”) (in English)

Micronesia (in English)

Moldova (in English)

(click on “Constitution”) (in French)

Nigeria ( in English)

Norway (in English)

Panama (click on “Constituciόn”) (in Spanish)

Paraguay (click on “Constituciόn Nacional”) (in Spanish)

Peru (in Spanish)

Poland (in Polish) (in English)
Portugal: (in Portuguese) (in English)

Romania (Click on “Constitutia”) (in Romanian) (Click on “Constitution”) (in English)


Saint Lucia (in English)

Serbia and Montenegro (click on “Documents”) (in English and French)

Slovak Republic (in English)

Slovenia (click on “Constitution”) (in English)

Spain (in Spanish) (in English)

Sri Lanka (in English)

Switzerland (available in French, German and Italian)

Syria (in English)

Tanzania (in Kiswahili and English)

ThailandÃ06&lawID=Ã06-10-2540-a0001 (in English)

Trinidad and Tobago (click on “index”, then on “Constitution”)

Uruguay (in Spanish)

Venezuela (in Spanish)

Zimbabwe (in English)

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